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A Celebration of Life. This is the true definition of a funeral service. Whether it is elaborate or simple, personalized and individualized to reflect the life of the deceased, the funeral should be designed to hold special meaning for the family and survivors.

It may reflect the religious beliefs of the deceased and reaffirm their faith in a life beyond this one.

It may reflect the occupation or hobbies or center on the ethnic background or social affiliations of the deceased.

Generally, the visitation and funeral services are conducted with the body present and in this way provides an occasion for saying a final goodbye prior to the disposition of the body to allow a sense of closure.

Final disposition can take the form of an earth burial, the most common form, entombment in a crypt or mausoleum or cremation and may involve a graveside or interment service. Again, the choice is an individual and personal one. Your funeral director or pre-need counselor is trained in explaining the types of services and assisting in choosing the type of service that best reflects the life of the deceased as well as the wishes of the family.

Celebration of Life DVD

A Celebration of Life DVD,can be a treasured keepsake and a way for family and friends to be reminded of all those special times ,people and places. Your photographs and even video tapes are blended with music of your choice to create a tribute to the life of this special person. Our DVD's are done in house so we maintain control over all your precious photographs. Old, faded black and white and color photo's are scanned and then adjustments are made to restore these photo's. Since this is supposed to be a fun look back at special times and people, the music should be upbeat and remind you of your loved one. For more information contact: Scott Henderson, CPC, Family Services Advisor